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Tours for Your Kids (Fun Tours) – India

kids' tours in India

With its rich cultural past, diversified animals, and alluring scenery, India offers a wide variety of fun and instructive vacations for children. These Fun Tours offer fascinating insights into the nation’s past, natural beauty, and cultural experience for kids, in addition to entertainment and excitement.

India has something for every young explorer, from wildlife excursions to interactive museums. The entire family will have an amazing and enriching time thanks to the variety of kids’ tours in India we shall examine in this post.

Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, which is situated in the state of Uttarakhand, is a paradise for those who love wildlife. With this wildlife safari for kids, they can see the majestic Bengal tigers, elephants, deer, and various bird species in their natural habitat. Children can never forget the pleasure of seeing these majestic creatures up close.

Jaipur Elephant Hamlet Tour

You may take your children on a memorable trip to an elephant village tour picturesque city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. These gentle giants are available for interaction, education on their care, and even participation in tasks like feeding and bathing. It’s a special chance for kids to form a strong bond with these amazing creatures.

Science City, Kolkata

Science City is a fascinating location that blends education and pleasure. It is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. It has interactive exhibitions, practical experiments, and science performances that make learning entertaining. These are fun activities for kids to learn about numerous scientific subjects.

The Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai

The Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is another excellent location for children to learn about the wonders of science. Children can participate in interactive experiments, watch exciting science programs, and learn about a variety of scientific phenomena thanks to the interactive museum exhibits. The center wants to foster young people’s scientific thinking and foster a feeling of curiosity.

Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi

For aspiring astronomers, New Delhi’s Nehru Planetarium is the perfect place to visit. It provides engrossing programs on the solar system, planets, and the universe, utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce an engaging experience. Children can discover cosmic mysteries and get fascinated by astronomy.

Goa Dolphin and Whale Watching.

Visiting Goa wouldn’t be complete without taking in the region’s abundant marine life. Bring your children along on an exciting dolphin and whale watching for kids tour so they may see these wonderful animals in their natural environment. Your kids will never forget the thrill of seeing dolphins leaping in the waters or catching a glimpse of a gorgeous whale.

KidZania, Noida

KidZania is an indoor theme park created to give kids a fully immersive educational experience. It is located near to New Delhi. At this site dedicated to childrens’ play and learning experiences kids can partake in imaginary games that introduce them to various professions like being a doctor or chef.

Bollywood Studio Tour, Mumbai

If you’re looking for an exciting way to introduce your children to cultural entertainment, Mumbai’s Bollywood Studio Tour for Kids is ideal. The fortune may even favor them with witnessing a live shoot-up series in motion during their studio visit while admiring complex designs like detailed ornaments and bustling sets used lavishly within films-making industry – truly taking them on captivating journey through fantastical world of Bollywood

Mysuru Zoo, Mysore

In the location of Mysore, Karnataka lies the ownership title to one of India’s earliest and best-guarded zoos – exemplifying exceptional upkeep standards spanning years long. A proud abode possessing multifarious wildlife creatures affords young minds a rare privilege that avails them an opportunity at increased exposure toward new information on diverse animal species

Jaipur’s Chokhi Dhani

Rajasthan’s vibrant state is enchanted with a delightful traditional village resort- Chokhi Dhani, located close by Jaipur city. It offers families an opportunity for cultural immersion with plenty of activities to keep kids entertained such as engaging cultural dances, spellbinding shows featuring puppets and magic tricks alongside thrilling camel rides.


Children are intended to be engaged and entertained while receiving vital educational experiences on these enjoyable trips to India. Before making travel arrangements, don’t forget to double-check the specifics, age limits, and availability of these trips.

As you begin these thrilling activities in India, get ready to make priceless memories with your children. So, Pack your luggage, go out on a memorable journey, and let your kids enjoy these trips as they learn about India’s treasures.

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