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35 Best Haldi Look for Bride – Traditional, Designer and Modern

Haldi Look in Wedding

Haldi Look” is essential for Indian weddings, symbolizing purity and prosperity. It involves applying turmeric paste to the bride and groom, believed to bless them with a radiant complexion and ward off evil.

Traditional Yellow Haldi Look

1. Designer Yellow Lehenga
Traditional Yellow Haldi Look

Photo Credit – Israni Photography

The traditional yellow haldi outfits never go wrong when it comes to Indian wedding. Just look at the gorgeous detailing on the pretty yellow lehenga. It is indeed adding more charm and vibrancy to the whole haldi attire

2. lovely Stone Work Lehenga Choli
Yellow Lehenga for Haldi

Photo Credit – Instagram

What is not to love about this attractive yellow lehenga donned by the bride. The dress is adding charm to the ceremony.

It quickly captured our attention because of the lovely stone work and unique yellow color.

3. Charming Saree Look
Dulhan At Pithi

Photo Credit – Instagram

Haldi rasm at shaadi in India and Saree- a match made in heaven. It always depicts the timeless elegance.

And when it paired with some contrast puffed blouses, you can look lovely just like the real dulhan here at pithi.

4. Floral Haldi Dress with Floral Jewellery
Floral Lehenga Look

Photo Credit – Mr_Habi

The floral presence on wedding, especially in Haldi function is like a whiff of fresh air. In Summer, the floral lehenga looks absolute pleasing and chic.

The best part? The paired floral jewellery and the floral crown.

5. Dhoti Style Dashing Saree
Dhoti Style Dashing Saree

Photo Credit – p.l.e.a.t.s

Not every bride wants to go for the well-sequined lehenga or saree.

Wear this type of lovely dhoti style dashing saree with minimum floral jewelry. Wear simple blouse and let your unique attire do the talking.

Modern Bride Haldi Function Look

6. Modern Bride Haldi Function Saree Look
Stereotype Haldi Look

Photo Credit – weddingbazaarfashion

Do you want to break the stereotype look in haldi? Go for a modern green saree look which will give a bold pop up colors.

Lastly, the unique jewelries finished off her look in the perfect way.

7. Haldi Mehndi look of Bride and groom

Photo Credit – dr.heba_youshraa

Celebrate your true relationship with the perfect haldi mehendi look of bride and groom.

The olive-colored indo-western lehenga of the bride is a right match with the navy blue and aqua green colored kurta set.

8. Kaleidoscope Colored Dress
Kaleidoscope Colored Dress

Photo Credit – nikki_coachdxb

Add the Kaleidoscope of colors to your haldi function and watch your shaadi pictures bombarded with lively hues of joy.

Each minimum jewelry will exude charm of Indian tradition which further will embody joy.

9. Net Lehenga Choli

Video Credit – nikimehra

Look absolute pretty in pink and green lehenga and add a touch of modernity with unique blouse design.

This will add some vibrancy to your marriage and set the heart of your groom aflutter.

10. Radiant Offbeat Jumpsuit
Yellow offbeat Jumpsuit

Photo Credit – karishmadhillon__27

At Pithi , Go for the yellow offbeat jumpsuit like this and create an easy breezy vibe.

Pick something that comes up with this kind of gorgeous top with a unique sleeve design and floral jewellery. It will complement the overall look.

11. Sensual Haldi Outfit
Sensual Haldi Outfit

Photo Credit – harneet_gugnani

Make your marriage ceremony unique with sensual haldi outfit where the traditional elegance meets modern sensibility.

With traditional and delicate jewelry, complete your whole look and radiate charm.

12. Vivid Haldi Bride and Groom look
Vivid Haldi Bride and Groom look

But it Here  

Do you want to wear a statement and evergreen outfit in your haldi rasm?

In that case, nothing is better to wear a light-weight yellow lehenga that is decorated with chunky baubles.

Bengali Haldi Rasam look

14. Tradition Red and White Saree
tradition and wear red and white saree

Photo Credit – sacredshaadi

In Bengali pithi function in wedding, go with the tradition and wear red and white saree with Sankha-pola.

Embrace the gold jewelry and intricate handloom craftsmanship. Choose a simple dotted saree with a touch of golden hue.

15. Vibrant Bengali Haldi Bride Look
Vibrant Bangla Look

Photo Credit – joy__the_originator

Adorned with a very simple handloom or ghicha silk saree and a gorgeous blouse with intricate golden design.

Styled the overall attire with golden jewelries and wear the typical sankha-pola. 

16. Classic Yellow Contrast Saree
Classic Yellow Contrast Saree

Photo Credit –mukherjee.madhulika

Less is always better and this haldi look is defining this. Sometimes choosing simple and classic yellow contrast saree does the job.

What is more accentuating her look is the minimal makeup and subtle jewelries.

Haldi Rasam Bride Look in Lahnga Style

17. Hyderabadi Bride with Zardousi Lehenga
Hyderabadi Bride with Lehenga Style

Photo Credit –bridesofhyderabad

Nothing can beat the regal elegance of Hydrabadi bridal lehenga with rich hues.

The astonishing zardousi work represents the sophistication and grace. The heavy jewelries go perfect to carry with this lehenga.

18. Monochromatic Haldi Mehendi Lehenga

Video Credit –weddingbazaarfashion

Only yellow is boring for you? Don’t you want to go for a monochromatic look?

Layer it up with beautiful multi-colored lehenga with peachy and white tone. Adorned with heavy jewelries and make the blouse stand out.

19. Blue Lehenga For Haldi Ceremony

Photo Credit – weddingbazaarfashion

Wear pretty blue lehenga in your pithi ceremony and make your look a solid hit. Keep it easy and carefree and let the Florally lehenga shine.

The color pallet of yellow and blue will capture the attention of your guests.

Marathi Bride Haldi Outfit

20. Traditional Marathi Bride and Groom Look
Traditional Marathi Bride and Groom Look

Photo Credit – maharashtra_weddings

Ace your Marathi traditional bride and groom look with pleasing and eye-catching yellow outfit.

The lightweight soft fabric will bring comfort and versatility as you can pair any jewelry with this attire.

21. Striking Saree with Flower Jewellery
Striking Saree with Flower Jewellery

Photo Credit –RohiniBridalMakeup

If you are searching for something that goes with the tradition yet simple, go for this haldi ceremony look.

She is wearing a beautiful contrast lehenga with stunning mirror work with floral ornaments which is taking her look to a new height.  

22. Simple Saree Look at Ubtan
Simple Saree Look at Ubtan

Photo Credit –marathi_weddingz

Just go all out and take time to experiment with sarees as your haldi outfit.

Explore color pallet and go with a simple and elegant peach-yellow thin saree. Pair it with green churis with minimal makeup.

White Bride Dress for Haldi

23. Bride Wearing Haridra Lehenga Set
Bride wearing Haridra lehenga set

Photo Credit –meghstudio

Nothing looks more beautiful in Summer hindu shaadi than white.

So, stay in class with the white and combine it with hues of yellow flowers in your bridal lehenga set and bloom in love with your partner.

24. Bride and Groom in White Outfits
Bride and Groom in White Outfits

Photo Credit – archanakochharofficial

Who said that bride and groom should always wear yellow in their haldi function?

Check out his beautiful pastel-blue colored dulhan and groom outfit that is breaking the stereotypes. It is perfect for Summer wedding.

25. Haldi Wear White Color Hehenga
haldi wear white color lehenga

Photo Credit – swishbydolcyandsimran

At Pithi , Add some drama and color to your haldi appearance and go with white and orange lehenga.

This lehenga with white-colored base and burst of organish tone on top will definitely make you the star.

26. Eye Catching White and Mahroon Haldi Dress

Photo Credit – weddingbazaarfashion

You do not only have to wear red or maroon at your wedding party, you can wear this type of voluminous white-maroon lehenga in your haldi ceremony.

The rich maroon and peaceful white will balance the overall look amid the golden glow of haldi.

27. Punjabi Bride Haldi Wear

Photo Credit – weddingbridgeofficial

Style the gorgeous fancy thread and sequence work Punjabi suit that will perfectly give off the fun vibe.

Add pop of colors with yellow and showcase the vibrancy of the culture of India with ease.

28. Bride and Groom Ubtan Look
Bride and groom ubtan Look

The unite ubtan look of bride and groom always stay special and glows differently.

The match of yellow short embroidered kurta with white attire is looking perfect with his partner’s yellow fancy embroidery lehenga.

30. Punjabi Ubtan Ceremony Looks
Punjabi ubtan ceremony looks

Photo Credit – cinematic_wedding_movies

Talking about Punjabi ubtan ceremony looks and a stylish modern saree has to be on the list.

The hot pink-colored design is making the saree way too beautiful which is giving off the vibrancy and unique style.

31. Simple Rajput Bride Ubtan Look (BAAN)
Simple Rajput Bride Ubtan Look (BAAN)

Photo Credit –kashika.chauhan

Bask in the simplicity with graceful yellow and peachy kurta set instead of wearing lehenga or saree that is common in Hindu wedding.

The soft pastel will evoke serenity and the touch of floral ornaments will showcase timeless elegance.

More Attractive Bride Looks in Haldi Function

32. Tradition Hindu Culture Haldi Wear
Tradition Hindu Culture Haldi Wear

Photo Credit – jasmin_bridal_care

Balance the purity and tradition of Hindu culture by going for the typical yellow bridal haldi look with rose ornaments.

The eye-catching ruffle dupatta will add a touch of modern flair and playful dimension. 

33. Colorful Floral Look
Colorful Floral Look

Photo Credit – cupcakeproductions13

34. Beautiful Fancy Haldi Costume
Beautiful Fancy Haldi Costume

Photo Credit – makeupby_anitapatil_216

This look features an elegant yellow lehenga with intricate stone work, each evokes the richness of the Indian tradition.

Contrasted beautifully, the beige heavy work dupatta will add a touch of royalty in your pithhi ceremony.

35. Bride and Groom Pithi Look
Bride and Groom Pithi Look

Photo Credit – nikki_coachdxb

Twinning with your bae with the classic combination of yellow and aqua blue.

The one-shoulder top is giving the little modern vibe and the gorgeous yet minimal floral jewelries is setting the bar high for sure. 

36. Striking Pithi outfit

Photo Credit – shreeradhesaloon

Do you dislike heavy to carry and striking Pithhi outfit? Then, this colorful and lightweight haldi function attire will please you.

Simple yet stunning, the printed and colored top with basic yellow base will be perfect.

The “Haldi Look” holds profound significance in Indian weddings, embodying cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs while imparting blessings of purity and prosperity to the newlyweds.

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