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How To Find A Good Gurukul For Your Child?


Selecting an appropriate Gurukul is a crucial step in your child’s education. When choosing, there are many things to consider, such as the type of programme they require, their budget, where they currently reside or go to school, and more. This article will cover the top ten considerations while selecting a Gurukul.

Vediconcepts found that there are around 4,500 gurukul located throughout India in their April 2022 investigation.

What is “Gurukul”?

Gurukuls are private academies or universities where students often take all or most of their classes and live on campus. Most commonly, a Gurukul is a public or private school that houses and educates students from out of the area. You don’t have to be famous or wealthy to attend a gurukul. Every student can find a Gurukul that suits them in terms of cost, location, and cultural fit.

Different Types of Gurukul

The many varieties of Gurukuls include:

Girl’s Gurukul:

Girls Gurukul is an all-female educational institution. The Gurukuls emphasise extracurricular activities, including athletics, arts, and environment study, and provide mentoring from female graduates in addition to the standard college preparatory curriculum. Parents should conduct their homework before enrolling their daughters in an expensive girls’ Gurukul.

Boy’s Gurukul:

Although mostly for male students, gurukuls are the same for both sexes. Since most boys’ gurukuls are located in rural areas with fewer opportunities for sports teams and other groups, they tend to have a more aggressive atmosphere and may provide fewer extracurricular activities than female institutions.

What Criteria Should We Use to Choose a Gurukul?

Academic qualities (course offerings), tuition costs, housing possibilities, sports programs/activities offered, extracurricular activities accessible, etc., are just a few of the many variables to consider before enrolling in any educational programme or facility at a Gurukul.

Advice on Picking the Right Gurukul

Explore Your Options and Compile a List of Schools

Start your quest by looking into reputable institutions close to your ideal location. Create a shortlist of possible schools that meets your needs regarding academics, extracurriculars, and security.

Call the Gurukul

Call the admissions offices of the institutions you’re interested in to ask some fundamental questions once you have a shortlist. Inquire about the cost of attendance, the availability of scholarships, the cost of living, any specialised offerings for boarders, and the range of extracurricular activities available. The information you gain from these conversations will be invaluable as you evaluate Gurukuls.

See the Classrooms

After making a short list, it’s time to travel to each Gurukul to learn more. This will allow you to become acquainted with the infrastructure and personnel. Inquire about the course load, faculty, and extracurricular offerings. You can also talk to existing students and their parents and arrange a school tour.

Verify All Relevant Certifications and Licences

Ensure the school is authorised to teach and has the qualifications to support its claims. The school’s track record, graduation rate, and college admission percentage are all available online.

Pick One With a Robust Academic Programme and a Wide Range of Available Courses

In addition to the regular courses offered, students who are particularly interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) may be able to take advanced placement courses at nearby colleges and universities (some schools allow this), vocational training programmes may be made available, and so on.

Pick One With Excellent After-School Activities

Club and varsity sports teams are only two examples of extracurricular activities that students might pursue in high school. There could also be music-related clubs to join, such as jazz bands or concert orchestras. Photography, ceramics, and printmaking are just a few extracurricular art forms that should be encouraged as part of a well-rounded arts education.

Think About The Sports Options Available

A student body’s social and leadership abilities can be strengthened through participation in school athletics.

Think About The Cost

Tuition and other fees must be taken into account. Make sure you factor in all expenses, including travel and extracurricular.

Confer With Your Kid

Include your kid in the choices you’re making. Discuss with them to determine if the institution is a good fit for them and their needs.

Apply to Your Favorites

This is usually self-explanatory, but remembers to apply for grants and scholarships to help cover college costs.

Finding the appropriate Gurukul for your child is important, but it may be daunting. Your child will be well-prepared for a top university after attending Gurukul because of their many experiences and the freedom they will gain.

Gurukul’s high school pupils can access first-rate resources like a state-of-the-art computer lab.


Selecting a Gurukul may seem daunting initially, but it doesn’t have to be. So that you can make an educated decision about where your child will spend their formative years, we’ve compiled some advice to assist you in selecting the best Gurukul for your child. If there’s anything further we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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